Gun Talk Radio and the Wounded Warrior Project

I watched this situation and its sad. I understand an organizations right to do as they please and I respect that but I have to agree with Tom Gresham’s article that was posted up on AmmoLand yesterday. I don’t do that “boycott brands” thing unless those brands have personally wronged me. Being a gun owner and avid 2nd amendment supporter(the reason you’ll see more 2a stuff on ATB, stuff that I see as a legit concern) I can sympathize with the fact that companies that do demonize gun owners have actually wronged me personally. This would make me somewhat hypocritical about the situation. Im not going as far as what groups they donate to, but their personal censoring of the gun owning community and everything that surrounds that is what I will pay attention to.

We know of Microsoft(which is weird as they have the “Gun Clubs at Microsoft”)  (No Microsoft didn’t) and Google censoring gun related sites in the past. I may have something to add to that but it needs to play out first, it should have by the time you read this. However I was blindsided by WWP and their stance since the gun community in general does so much with them. Gun Talk Radio has pledged a “No Shrug” policy from now on. This is what sparked me writing this post. I like the idea and will be moving more in that direction. I welcome people with differing views from my own as it gives me another take on something but I have 1 caveat with it. No judging or at least try not to. I try so very hard not to judge, its not my place to judge people. I want the same respect. I will be making changes and highlighting things I see. You would think with gun ownership rising and being as big as it is while support for new regulations is very low(largely because people understand gun owners are just the same as them, we just have a different hobby) that these companies would take a hint.